Партнёрская программа Udyantea CPS

Информация о программе

Company Description: Udyan tea brings different flavored teas to all the tea lovers in online space across the world. They promise to provide fresh, high quality and authentic tea leaves to increase their customer satisfaction.They manufacture from ginger tea to Imperial Earl gray tea under their surveillance and expertise over 12 million cups, 25 countries. They are expanding to give a treat to the taste buds with their handpicked products. 

Campaign Description: Udyan tea is an affiliate program which focuses on maximizing the reach to all the tea lovers , the publisher will earn the commission as soon as a user buys teas using publisher’s link.


The objectives primarily are:

  • Reaching out to more tea lovers.
  • To generate and increase transactions for Udyan tea.

    NOTE — If a user’s loyalty points = the net value of product, in case of redemption of points the product value will be null resulting to no sale amount will be shown on panel. But Order Ids will be tracked.